Path to Your Future

By Guillermo Nova, Jeremy Jenkins, Abigail Solano, D.T.

To leave our legacy behind at Middletown High School, we are going to make a poster and display it in the hallway by the school cafeteria. We hope that students will see and be inspired and understand that they can succeed at anything they set their minds to. A poster is an effective way to do this because of how considerable it is and colorful it can be since it is huge and colorful it can catch the eyes of some people. Making a poster may not grab some people’s attention since they don’t care, but it can inspire people to what they want and make their goals to achieve it. One student said, “I agree with what the poster says because I think it’s true if you put your mind to anything you can achieve it” (Madden). What Jaquan means by this is putting your mind to it would help achieve what you want no matter how far it might look its still reachable. This can become a legacy because it will stay on that wall for people to see even the new freshman who are probably nervous about high school and still unsure what they want to do with their lives, the poster will stay there to remind them to do what they want. Another student we asked from MHS said, “It’s a really good way to inspire somebody because it’ll lead to their success and inspiration” (Collins). Leaving a poster will help inspire people into just putting their mind to it. They will follow what they truly desire and achieve. As intervening Destiny again another student about our poster she stated that “it will change the mindset of those who are uncertain of how to get what they truly want” (Ortiz). Leaving this legacy would impact the minds of a student just from reading it. This could influence a student to do it put their minds to what they want to do. Students and even maybe a teacher will continue to be inspired by the poster. All these quotes came from students themselves giving their honest opinions. This poster can change a person's perspective and attitude towards reaching what students feel they should go for. Leaving a poster will truly inspire people to follow their desire and achieve no matter what it be.

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Rhetorical Devices


Since the poster is going to be colorful and will be hung up in the hallway by the school cafeteria, this would grab the people's attention.


Looking at the poster would help people make their goals to achieve it or make their dreams come true after leaving their struggles in the past behind.


The poster will make people happy of sad depending on their feelings. it may brighten their day and feel inspired.