Holiday Hill Gifted News

February 2016

Enriching Education

Gifted learners at Holiday Hill have so many opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary setting, think deeply, and broaden knowledge bases. This week's newsletter includes topics that motivate and energize our students! Please use this newsletter as a springboard to unique dinner table conversation with your learner.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.

5th Grade Magnet Parent Night February 11

Join us for presentations from middle schools with wonderful gifted programs here in Duval County. Get your questions answered and meet representatives in our media center at 6:15PM.

Holiday Hill Elementary Gifted

Carlene Jones (grades 3-5, lead gifted)

Samantha Brady (grades K-3, field trips)

Shana David-Massett (4th and 5th Holiday Hill, weekly newsletter)

April Godbolt (K-5, EP and IEP Development)