Six Ways dōTERRA Pays

Going Through The Compensation Plan

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#1 Retail

The Wholesale Account, that you have, gives you 25% off of retail prices. So, when anyone buys something from you at the retail price, you will automatically get the 25% difference. This works one of two ways. Either you order the product on you account (uncheck the box that says for personal consumption, because of tax purposes) for the wholesale price, but charge them the retail price, or you share your website, and from there they can order retail online. Your website is already set up for you by dōTERRA. You can find it on your virtual office, on the top right of the page, called, "my online store."

#2 Fast Start Bonus

When you enroll "Jane," you will earn 20% (in cash) back on Jane's enrollment order and everything Jane buys in her first 60 days.

Then when Jane enrolls "Sam," Jane will earn 20%, and you will earn 10% back on everything Sam buys in his first 60 days.

Then when Sam enrolls "Abigail," Sam will earn 20%, Jane will earn 10%, and you will receive 5% back on everything Abigail buys in her first 60 days.

This is the only bonus that is paid out weekly. dōTERRA cuts these checks every Thursday and mails them out, so expect these the following Saturday or Monday (East Coasters). Also, remember that you must have 100pv in your LRP cart at all times when you expect commission checks. That is a requirement in order to earn money from dōTERRA.

#3 Power of Three Bonus

You enroll 3 people to your frontline (or someone in your upline can sponsor them to you), who are interested in sharing dōTERRA too. You and the 3 of them each place a 100pv order every month. Plus, you and every person on your frontline spend a total of 600pv. This qualifies you for the first of three Power of Three Bonus (PO3) of $50.

Repeat the process, and help each of your 3, find 3 people for their frontlines, who are also interested in sharing dōTERRA. Once each has their 3, you'll receive the second PO3 Bonus of $250, and each of your 3 friends will get their $50.

Repeat the process one more time, by helping the 9 people on your second-line, get their 3 people, and you will get the third PO3 Bonus, which is $1500, your frontline 3 will get their $250 each, and your second-line 9 will have their $50.

PO3 bonuses are paid out monthly, around the 15th of the following month. You have all month to qualify for the bonus!

#4 Loyalty Rewards Program

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The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the SMARTEST way to buy your products! It's basically like a "frequent flyer" program. The longer you participate, the more % back you earn over time! I like to include this in the compensation plan, because it's basically as good as cash. I am now earning 30% back on my LRP orders, because I have been participating in the program for over a year now. So, every month I earn back A LOT in free product! With the 25% saving I already have by having a Wholesale Account, plus the 30% back, I enjoy a total of 55% savings off of the retail prices!!!

In order to earn points each month, and to increase your % back each quarter, you must have a minimum LRP order of 50pv each month. In order to keep the points that you have earned in your cart, you must keep something in your cart. Any amount of pv will keep your LRP cart open and hold the points you have already earned. 1-49pv, means that you keep what you have in points, but will not earn more points, or advance to the next level of % back. If you are going to close your LRP cart, for any reason, please cash in all of your points first! Otherwise, you will lose them. LRP points expire after a year, but I can't see why you wouldn't use them before that! :) The cart below shows what benefits you get at each minimum of pv spent. To maintain your LRP points, you don't have to have 10, you just have to have something, anything from 1-49pv.

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It is important to know that when you cash in your points, there is a $3 charge fee for up to every 100pv used. That means each time you cash in ANY points there is at least a $3 charge, and if you go over 100pv, you will be charged $6 for up to the next 100pv. SO, I like to wait and cash in 100pv at a time to get my money's worth out of that fee. I never cash in 101pv, because then I would be charged $6.

Also important to know, when you cash in your LRP points, it subtracts from the amount of pv points that you are spending in that order (because you are getting it for free, instead of buying it). This is important if you are expecting commission checks! Make sure that the pv that you are buying, is still at least 100pv. This is most important when saving your cart after making changes. Make sure it is saved with 100pv; it is in the GREEN letters on the left bottom of your cart. I have my cart set up for 221pv below.

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If I choose to use LRP points on this order, I select the products that I want to get for free. Then you will see the amount of pv that I am spending (in Green) go down. Now my cart is set up for 141pv and I am cashing in 99.25 points!
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#5 Unilevel Organizational Bonus

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This starts so small. I think my first Unilevel check was a whopping $13, but it grows as you share with others, and it truly is a RESIDUAL INCOME. What do I mean by that? A residual income is one that is reliable, it doesn't matter how many classes you have that month, you will still see this check grow! This bonus is all based upon the team that you are helping to develop and grow. It rewards you for helping others to share and grow. When you focus on helping 3 people to share, and then they help, 3, then they help 3, and so can see here how this commission can grow fast. dōTERRA is amazing in the way they structured this return to! There is no other model like this!!! The further down in your organization that you get, the GREATER % return you will earn! You earn 2% back on the 1st Level, 3% back on your 2nd Level, 5% back on your 3rd Level, 5% back on your 4th Level, 6% on Level 5, 6% back on Level 6, and 7% back on Level 7! Most other network marketing plans, have you earn the greatest return on your front line, which is the smallest amount of people. But dōTERRA allows you to earn the MOST money back on your LARGEST amount of people.

Below is a chart that shows what the Unilevel bonus looks like if you only repeat the idea of "you share with 3 people", then "those 3 share with 3," and so on. The dollar amounts are based on the earning you would see if each Wellness Advocate placed a 150pv order each month. I chose 150pv, because then everyone would be earning their PO3 bonuses too, but that bonus is not added in below. This chart is just to show you how fast unilevel can grow.

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#6 Leadership Performance Pools

This is like getting a piece of the dōTERRA pie! Once you reach the rank of Silver, which means that you have three Elites (they have 3000ov) that you personally enrolled, you will be eligible for the Leadership Performance Pools. This is earning shares of the total company sales volume each month! As a Silver you earn 1 share of 2% of the total sales for the company that month. As a Gold, you will earn 5 shares, and as Platinum, you will earn 10 shares. That means they take 2% of the total volume of sales and divide it among all of the Silvers, Golds, and Platinums in the company according to how many "shares" you have. Once you reach Diamond, you participate in your own pool (smaller amount of people, means more money in your pocket). The Leadership Pool for Diamonds is 1% of total sales divided for all of the Diamond ranks: Diamonds get 1 share, Blue Diamonds get 2 shares, and Presidential Diamonds get 3 shares. AND the Diamonds get an ADDITIONAL POOL. The Diamond Pool is 3% of the total company sales divided among all of the Diamond ranks evenly with 3 shares each!

The first Leadership bonus that I received, I earned 3 shares, because you can earn additional shares if when you hit the rank for the first time, you also have first time Elites, that you personally enrolled, hit it the same month. I had 2 brand new Elites the month I hit Silver for the first time! The month was November 2014, and it was not even one of dōTERRA's higher grossing months, but my 3 shares earned me an additional $480! That's pretty awesome!

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What this all looks like

Putting all of these bonuses together, below is a chart showing the ACTUAL average earning of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates from the years 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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You can see that each year WAs are earning more money in dōTERRA. This is because the company is expanding so fast each year. The more we share, the more we earn, the more we grow, the more lives are changed for the better, both physically and financially! This last chart just breaks down the ACTUAL average earnings from year 2013, and makes it a little easier to see.
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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the compensation plan. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'd love to help you understand this better.