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Learning To Enjoy The Ride

Happy Monday Patriots!

I hope you had a wonderful long Labor Day weekend filled with catching up on much-needed rest or making new memories while enjoying some of the last fleeting warm days of the season.

I'm not sure if there is anything that is more magical than Autumn in Utah. I love the crisp smell in the morning air and the sight of the bright green leaves rapidly changing into their fall wardrobe colors of gold, sunset, and auburn. The comforting sound of football games is constant background noise at the Summers home, and all of my Ole Greenbay gear has been dusted off and is totally pumped for the new NFL season!

Thinking about Fall led me to think about the changing of seasons of life, which then led me to think of this picture, and a recent adventure that Mr. Summers and his 81-year-old mother recently took to pick up a 1963 VW Bug in Eugene, Oregon. #yesIamawarethatIhaveADHD As you may or may not know, Mr. Summers has had a long multigenerational love of old VW's. So naturally, when the opportunity to get a perfectly vintage Bug presented itself, Mr. Summers was as excited as a squishy chocolate brown labrador puppy awaiting in a box to be opened on Christmas morning.

One big difference between Mr. Summers and myself centers around the fact that I am a bit of a planner, worrier, and researcher, while Mr. Summers is more of a "ya gotta try it to see if you can do it" type of guy. With that worry-free spirit (and a mom with an equal love of VW's) they bought one-way tickets to OR with the resolve that they would be driving that 58-year-old car all the way home.

The adventure started with an hour and a half Uber ride from the airport to pick up the perfectly patinaed, once ruby red car. Then they hit the open winding road to home.

There are a couple of different outlooks one could take on the next few days events, that involved not one, but two tow truck rides, multiple push-starts, a dead battery, a four-hour wait in the desert for AAA, loss of brakes, loss of GPS, half a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and no air conditioning or radio to pass the time.

Outlook One involves focusing on all of the things that went wrong and living in the space of frustration and sadness for what didn't go as planned. Mr. Summers and Grandma Summers could have returned home cranky, frustrated, and upset at the effort it took to bring the Bug home.

Outlook Two involves seeing the experience as one of the greatest adventures and memories of a lifetime. I don't know that Mr. Summers will soon forget watching his mom with her beautiful silver hair blowing in the wind reliving her glory days while driving down the freeway, backpacks for luggage, multiple trips to McDonald's, a shared bag of Bugels, and a perfect stranger (a fellow lover of VW's) in Elko, Nevada saving the day with a free and much-needed car part.

The sense of achievement and joy Mr. Summers and Grandma Summers was (and are still) feeling is evident by the never-ending giggles and stories, and the ear-to-ear grins on their beautiful faces.

Getting to watch this adventure from the sidelines was a gentle reminder to me about the importance of choosing my outlook on day-to-day situations. Bumps, broken parts, and stalled moments are bound to happen. But rather than being frustrated with the setbacks, we can enjoy the ride and focus on the good parts. We never know how many more road trips our lives have to offer, so this week, I encourage all of us to do our best to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy the journey may be.

As always Patriots...

You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

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PHJH Fall Sports Are In Full Swing

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Parents if you EVER have any pictures you would be willing to share, please email them to

We would love to show them off to the PHJH community

Game Results

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Girls Volleyball

Match 1 vs. Channing Hall

Varsity won 2 sets to 0



JV won 2 sets to 0


Scored the 20 straight aces to start the set.


Match 2 vs. ICS

Varsity won 2 sets to 0



Came back being down 20-24 scored 6 straight points to win the final set.

JV won 2 sets to 0



Boys Soccer

Match 1 vs. Summit Independence


Match 2 vs. Channing Hall

Won by forfeit.

Boys and Girls Cross Country

First race against Summit Draper and Summit Independence

Girls and Boys top three runners finished in the top 10

September 14th Is Picture Day

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Focus Friday Assignment


Hey Patriots,

In case you missed the information in your Crew class, here is the assignment that is due tomorrow in your Crew class. You can print it out from here, complete it, and hand it in to your Crew teachers, or you can follow the link to get access to make a copy of the Choice Board, and then submit the assignment on Canvas.

Have some fun with this assignment!

It is very easy and should be able to be completed independently.


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Link To Make A Copy Of The Assignment Below

Congratulation To Our 2021-2022 Stucrew Members

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A Word From Our StuCrew Advisor Ms. McConnell

Hi everyone!

First off I want to tell you all that I am so incredibly proud of you for running for Student Council. The race was so close, and you all are superstars and leaders in your classes whether you were elected or not. I hope you all continue to be ambitious and always chase after your dreams! :)

Here are the results:

6th grade: Aspyn Patterson, Stella Smith, and Rowen Anderson

7th grade: Eli Glancy, Bodie Somerville, and Laynie Willis

8th grade: Gavin Sudweeks, Zayna Tuimaseve, and Lucy Barlow

Our NEW PBIS Badges Will Be Coming Home Soon

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Ms. Shelman's...Where Science and Engineering Become One

This week in Science we learned about the Engineering Process and put it to the test. Their task was to design and build the tallest tower using 1 piece of paper and 30cm of tape. The tallest tower was 118cm!


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Get Ready For The Most Convenient Book Fair Of All Time

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Did you know that the school gets credits to buy more books for our library from the Book Fairs?

Sales start on 9/13/21 and run through 9/16/21

Stay tuned next week for our school goals and incentives the students can earn depending on our total sales.

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Utah Parent Center Resources

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