because we love her. and she loves to party.

Emily DeWinter is a fun gal. like, a really suuuper fun gal.

you know who else was fun?

the pin-up girls of the 50s.

you know, therefore, what would be the most fun?

combining the two for a flirtacious 50s pin-up party for Em's departure from singledom!!!

in other words, be ready for.. anything! but to be sure, bring your best heels and 50s pin up girl outfit and you will be part of the soon to be infamous bachelorette crew!

Wednesday, Sep. 26th 2012 at 6pm

10 Yonge Street, Toronto- Skylounge party room!

** location and times subject to change depending on the turnout!

the plan:

without giving too much away:

6- 6:30- arrive prepared to straddle chairs (i.e. be comfy!), for you shall soon be dancing like the sex machine you are.

6:30-8:00- bachelorette games, Em-inspired drinks and delicious foodstuffs!

8:00-9:00- show us what you're workin with as we have a lap-dance class from "brass vixens"!

11:00- night out at crews and tango (local drag show)!

bedtime o'clock- you are more than welcome to join us back at 10 yonge st for a slumber party!! complimentary preventative hangover cures included by the resident naturopathic student :)

SO. what we need from you!:

1. RSVP! you are one of the select few that Em has chosen to join her on one of the most fun nights of her life. our priority is to do whatever we can to surround her with those she loves! if there's anything we can do to help you make it, let us know! please RSVP by Sept.9!

2. 50s/pin-up style-clothes, heels, & thigh-high stockings! we will supply flowers for thy hair, hot rollers, scarves, makeup and as much clothes as we can, but we need your help!

3. cost for the lap/pole dance class- $35 per person. we will cover everything else!


THIS IS TOP SECRET!!! Em knows the date and time and she WANTS a surprise, so please let's keep it that way!! :)