Two's Weekly Newsletter

October 12-16 2015

Working Hard on Growing Fit!

Wow we are getting stronger each day! This week during outside play we are going to be playing Follow the Leader, Toss the Ball, and the Movement Game!!!

For three minutes in the morning and afternoon we will be doing stretches. Each day we will learn a new exercise.

Group Project

Throughout the week we will be decorating the class room with different leaf projects. We will be painting our hand and creating Leaf Hands, and painting coffee filters.

Large and Small Group Activities

Circle time we'll be pretending to ride a rocket ship to outer space! Learning about the stars and planets we might see on our trip. Once we get to the moon we can tell stories in the dark!

In art center, we are going to practice tracing objects such as wooden blocks, letter of the alphabet, and shapes.

Friendly Reminders!

  • Blankets and pillows are sent home every Friday in a bag to be washed and brought back on Monday.
  • Throughout the week I will be placing important papers and art work in the weekly file box. Please check it on Fridays.
  • The weather is getting colder. Please keep warm clothes and a jacket in our child's cubbies.
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