A Christmas Celebration!

A Christmas Celebration

Come join us at No Mans Land for the Christmas celebration of a lifetime! In this event, we are hoping to commemorate the soldiers who have passed away in the battles and also have a memorable, ceasefire Christmas party. We will have a variety of activities to choose from that are listed below. Hopefully you can join us this Thursday for a peaceful celebration with your fellow soldiers.

Party Information

Thursday, Dec. 24th 1914 at 1pm

Western Front


1:00-2:00: memorial service

2:00-3:00: soccer games

3:00-4:00: bonfire and food

4:00-5:00: gift exchange

5:00-6:00: caroling

No Mans Land Planning Company

Our company plans parties for everyone along No Mans Land. The committee we have will make your party as enjoyable and memorable as possible. For more information, you can contact us at 304-629-3291.