Drought In North America

Drought, who is it affecting?

Drought is a major problem not only in the US, but all over the world. Since the US is a large exporter of crops, what will happen when there are no crops due to drought? This not only affects farmers, but anyone or anything that needs water to live. Who does drought affect? Everyone.

Best Case

We are going to have to handle our drought problem, but how? One way that would help is much less greenhouse gas emissions. More greenhouse gas emissions are increasing the chance of severe droughts.(1) Most of the other factors that cause drought are out of our hands, we can't do much else about it. If greenhouse gas emissions stop, or decrease, there is much less of a chance of large scale drought.(4) So what is the best case, that there isn't going to be any large scale drought in the next 50-100 years. No matter what we do there can and will always be drought.

Worst Case

We could in the worse case be facing a mega drought. Almost no rain all across North America, and lower sea levels with no vegetation.(2) What factors could cause this, the rain shadow effect, greenhouse gas emissions, God, and the atmosphere changing.(3) What could we do to prevent this? Not much, less greenhouse gas emissions. It is not really up to us whether we are going to have drought.


Although drought is a very large problem there is not a whole lot we can do to prevent it. And its possible that over the next hundred years we could have a mega drought or we could have very little drought. We can prepare for large scale droughts, but we can't really do much to prevent them.