Plastic May Seem Great

But Not So Great I Guess

We constantly use it

Plastic is something we as a society use constantly, from our toys to our clothes. It helps us and entertains us, but it also hurts us. Plastic leftovers such as water bottles, shopping bags and other items get thrown away constantly, some of it gets shipped overseas to be recycled, some ends up in landfills, but more than you can imagine ends up in our environments as plastic pollution.

Environmental Crisis

Plastic Pollution harms all of our environments. From city streets, to forests, to the oceans.

The most impacted one is the marine environment, with plastic bottles, caps, straws, even left-over fishing nets have infected our oceans, lakes, and streams. Carrying trash that will make its way to the ocean and harm the ecosystems in it.

Forty-four percent of sea birds, twenty-two percent of cetaceans, all sea turtles, and a growing list of fish, have been documented with plastic in, with, or around their bodies.