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September 25, 2015

ME: I'm actually happy right now.

LIFE: LOL! Wait one sec....

Abney's Accolades and Acclamations (aka A Cubed)

  • We created the new 2nd grade section and we are still standing!!!! Glad to have you, Dani!!!

  • Good job 2nd grade team supporting Dani during Meet and Greet!

  • Dedication was a success!

  • You guys are doing a great job of being flexible.

  • Great participation in the dress up week. You guys are fun!

Here is the Parent Newsletter for this week.

Thinking Topics

What is one strategy you use during any of the workshop models? Email Natalie your answer.

Did you know?

  • Don't forget about the BOY assessment schedule. Also, keep working on those DRAs. Make sure to share the kits with your grade levels.
  • On Fridays, jeans are ok as long as you are wearing some sort of FISD or Norris Spirit shirt.
  • It's time to have WIN time up and running.
  • Websites need to be updated weekly.
  • A minute or two to send a parent a email about something great their child did = HUGE pay off down the road.

Olweus Class Meetings are coming up soon! Stay posted for more info from the Olweus Committee.