Constance Stones Career

First Job

After going to university, Emma Constance Stone went to London to work at the New Hospital for Women with Mary Scharlieb because she was not fully convinced that she would satisfy the Medical Board in Australia. Constance qualified as a licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries.She was inspired by the New Hospital for Women and came back to Melbourne and founded a new hospital.

By woman, for woman

By woman, for woman in Melbourne was the hospital founded by Constance, after she was inspired by the New Hospital.Earlier in 1890 when she arrived back in Melbourne, she became the first woman to be registered to the Medical Board of Victoria. She practiced one day a week at the free dispensary attached to Dr Sington, a physician and philanthropist's, mission in Collingwood.

More Female Doctors

Constance's sister Clara and cousin Mary were almost ready to join Constance as a doctor. In 1887 the university allowed woman to enter its medical school after the seven people that requested for admission had led the change, Clara one of them.Clara started her degree in medicine in 1891 becoming one of the first two women to graduate in medicine from the university. After graduating, Clara went into private practice with her sister Constance and joined her by starting at the free dispensary.