Noam Chomsky

Tristan Beck

Bio on Noam Comsky

born on December 7th 1928-still kicking. he was am intellectual prodigy who grew up a
middle class American in Philadelphia. he earned his PHD in linguistics from
Philadelphia university. his political view was libertarian socialist . "Languages are
innate and the differences we see are only due to parameters developed over time in our brains", which shows why children can learn languages faster than adults. this was groundbreaking and his theory were widely excepted. he believes that there is an optimal learning age, ages 3-10. these are the most precious ages for learning language. he still goes around and does press conferences for colleges and companies. He works for Massachusetts institute of technology.

chompsky fact: he doesn't like biography and thinks the pentagon is the most evil structure on the planet and that the military should not be on college campuses.