October Newsletter

Eric Carle Classroom

Upcoming Events in October:

*Conferences are Wednesday 10/21, Thursday 10/22, and Friday 10/23. You can sign-up for your 15 minute conference block!

* Dress-Up Day and Parade is on Friday, 10/30!

Please bring in your child’s costume to school in a bag. The teachers will help dress your child for the parade.

We strongly discourage superhero costumes as we strive to stay away from violence. Weapons and props are not permitted. Sneakers and closed-toe shoes are encouraged!

The parade will begin at 2:00PM. Parents are all welcome to take pictures! However, please find parking off-site since the parade will happen in the Noah's Ark parking lot.

Afterwards, come join our Eric Carle Classroom Costume Party! A sign-up sheet for the party will be available soon!

*Happy 5th Birthday, Rhys!

Upcoming Restaurant Study

Next week is our final week of our Family/House Study! We learned so much from this theme. We enjoyed taking on roles such as "Mommy", "Daddy", "Brother", "Sister", and "Baby". We made props for our Eric Carle House such as a car for our "garage" at Block Center, a washing machine in our "laundry room" at Art Center, a vacuum for our "living room" at Table Toys, a shower in our "bathroom" at Science Center, and a bed in our "bedroom" at Literacy Center.

We will start to transition into our new study: Restaurant! We will keep some of the roles from our Family Study and add in new roles such as: "waiter/waitress", "customer", and "cook/chef". Our centers will transform into: coffee shop, pizzeria, ice cream parlor, fast food restaurant, a sit-down restaurant, and a school cafeteria.

We need your help! In preparation for our next theme, we need items for our Restaurant Study such as:

- To-Go menus from various restaurants that your child has been to

- Hot/Cold coffee to-go cups

- Pretend Money

- Aprons

- Cash Register

- Empty water bottles/juice bottles (various sizes)

- Empty spice containers

- Empty grated Parmesan container

- Empty to-go containers

- Empty ice cream/cone containers

- Empty pizza boxes

- Hair nets

Thank you in advance! :)

What We've Learned So Far!

For the past month and a half, we've been so busy learning new things! Here are just a few of our favorite things that we learned:

- Author Studies: We've had various author studies on Laura Numeroff (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie), Anna Dewdney (Llama Llama Red Pajama), Leo Lionni (Little Blue and Little Yellow), and David Shannon (No, David!).

*Ask your child to name which books were written by who!

- Share the News: This is part of our Morning Meetings where we find a partner, think about a particular topic, and then take turns sharing with the partner. This teaches us how to take turns in a conversation, make eye contact when speaking with someone, and to think about a particular topic.

Some of the topics from this week are: "Have you ever gone on a nature walk? What things did you find?" and "What do you think is inside a pumpkin?".

- Buddy Reading: A few times a week, the children participate in Buddy Reading during the Large Group Literacy time block of the day (10:30AM). During this time, the children get paired up with a Buddy. One "buddy" gets a picture card with lips while the other gets ears. Both children choose books and the child with the lips card reads the book first (telling the story by the pictures) while the child with the ears card listens. When the story is finished, they switch roles.

This teaches us how to handle a book properly, to take turns and wait, and strengthens oral language and conversation skills.