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Media Literacy

Media Literacy is very important in today's society. Without it, we can't know what's going in the world. We would be ignorant to the issues that plague our world. The Media does not fix our problems. The Media can take shape or form as television or the radio we listen to. We can either accept the information or ignore it, but the statements are there. For example, we would have never known that Michael Brown got shot if the news had not reported the incident. Also, the media is used to persuade to buy or invest your time into something. For example, the media use television to show children in hospitals as advertisement. The media has some negative qualities. The media can be very manipulative to the viewers behind closed doors. The media likes to lie about an event or exaggerate little problems Too many times, they say something one thing then they do something totally different.

To me, kids are more media literate than adults. We spend hours upon hours on our iPhones, music, television, and social network. For example, when we post a lot of pictures or news on Facebook or Twitter, we start to become more and more media literate. Being media literate takes time and devotion; it does not happen overnight. Like I said before, we have to know what's happening around us at all times. Having apathy about the media can endanger your life one day. The media may not always be true, but it is accessible to us.