By: Aidan Fisher, 5th period

History of Sikhism

Sikhism emerged in the 16th- century India. Sikhism is a relatively new world religion. There are about 23 million Sikhs in the world today. Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world .
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Beliefs of Sikhism

Sikh's Beliefs

They believed in the sacred book called the Adi Granth, they believed in Om, a Hindu mystic syllable that represented God, they believed in Karma and reincarnation, and they believed in Khalsa, all of their services often end with the words "Raj karey Ga Khalsa" (the Khalsa shall rule).
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Organization of the Religion

Guru Nanak is the leader and founder of Sikhism. Sikhism is worshiped either silent, aloud, individually, or in a group. There isn't a specific place where Sikhs worship their religion. It can be at any time or place, morning or evening. Sikhism does have a sacred text called, the Granth, the central text of Sikhism.
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Current Statistics

There are about 19 million Sikhs currently living in India. Sikhism first originated in the Punjab region. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion.
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