Last Chance to Buy

For guaranteed shipment before 2017!

Don't let your inventory list be left out in the cold this Holiday Season!

Let us know what you need even if you aren't ready to book a truck! That way we can get it prepared for you ahead of time. Madison is here to cover all of your inventory needs for 2017. Are you buying certain products from one vendor and certain products from another? Talk to your sales representative about how we can help you source all of your material from one location next year.
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Are you talking to your local building code officials about the new AWPA rules?

If not- you should be! We can't think of a better way to separate your business than being ahead of the curve. Let them know you went all Ground Contact as of March 1st 2016 ... especially if the guy down the street still sells above ground material to people building on-ground decks, fences...etc. Their failures (although specific to them) will become known as treated lumber industry failures if we don't collectively spread the word that there is in fact a difference. It is our job to help the customer separate the retailers that are following best practices from those that have chosen to hold the end user accountable for misapplication. Here at Madison we firmly believe protecting our end users means protecting our retailers from lawsuits and bad reputations. Ask us about how, together, we can target the building code officials in your area to make sure they know you only stock "The Good Stuff From The Ground Up."
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Did we mention how thankful we are for your partnership?

There's something to be said about the wonderful customers we have the opportunity to work with throughout the year. It is because of you guys that we are successful. Our hope is that you've witnessed our growth and the changes we have made in efforts to literally BUILD YOUR BUSINESS on Madison Wood. Thank you again for a great year. We look forward to many more.

2016 Recap:
Went All Ground Contact as of March 1st, 2016
Featured as "World's Greatest Lumber Treater" on National TV
Blue Diamond Dealer Program
Madwood Installers
Went to .15 MCA standards with AWPA approval as of November 1st

2017: We have tons of programs in progress that we've been working on this year that will launch in January- including a new website. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!