Denali National Park and Preserve

The Alaskan Park of Nature

Welcome To Denali

Denali National Park and Preserve is a national park and preserve that is six million acres big and holds lots of the nation's wildlife.

What to Know Before You Come

Things To Do

There are many different things to do at Denali National Park. You can hike on the glaciers located in the park, Visit the wildlife and even see the highest peak in North America Mt. McKinley. You can also see the Aurora Lights in the sky at night.


In winter the park's temperature can go as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit. Average Summer temperatures are anywhere from 33 degrees to 75 degrees. Spring and Fall temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. It can snow any month of the year and rains for a majority of the Fall.

Wildlife and Nature

Plants and Animals

Animals at Denali National Park adapt well to they're environment. There are Mammals, lots of birds and fish. The animals at Denali National Park adapt well to the environment because most of the mammals have fur so they can survive harsh cold weather. Bears, Wolves and Dall Sheep are very common in this park. There are over 430 kinds of plants and flowers. One of the most important plants in the park is Alaska's State flower : The Forget-Me-Not. There are fields of yellow, white and purple flowers!


The glaciers in Denali National Park are thousands of years old. They have formed most of the landscape. Muldrow is the largest glacier in the park, it is 35 miles long and it takes up about half of a mile of the park's road. Glaciers are giant pieces of ice that form when more snow falls on them in the winter than the amount that melts. Glaciers slowly form into big sheets of ice and roll downhill.

The Timberline

At Denali National Park there is something called the timberline. The Timberline is a place in the tundra park of the park. No trees grow over the Timberline because of the harsh temperature and frozen snow covering the ground. No plants grow either because of the same reasons trees don't grow above it. It is where taiga falls into tundra.

Mount McKinley : Highest Peak in North America

Mt. McKinley is the tallest peak in North America. It measures up to 20,320 feet above sea level! It has a nickname of "The Great One" because the Athabascan word Denali means "The Great One". This mountain was the first name of the national park, until they changed it to "Denali National Park and Preserve" the park was called "Mount McKinley National Park".


Denali has 2 different tundras. One of them is a moist tundra. The Moist tundra begins just above the Timberline, Thick trees such as birch and willow where moose come to eat the twigs and bark because they have lots of nutrients in them.

Operating Hours and Fees

Seasons When The Park Is Open to The Public

The park is open all year round and Denali is open from 8 am - 6 pm so you can go to the park anytime you would want to go.

Entrance Fees

A seven day pass for Denali National Park is $10 for anyone 16 and up, anyone 15 and younger are free. However you can buy a year pass for $40. The America The Beautiful Pass provides access to almost all National Parks in the country and it is $80. Senior citizens get into the park for $10 for their lifetime, Active military soldiers get into the park for free.
Photos from National Park Services Website