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In a nutshell, ENTPs are inspired innovators that are motivated to find solutions to challenging problems. They are curious, clever, open-minded, and unconventional. ENTPs want to understand what surrounds them and influence other people around them. ENTPs are driven by challenges and are inspired to solve problems that are people say are impossible to solve. Other people can recognize ENTPs because they are usually friendly, charming, clever, and they try to impress others with quick wit and humor. There is only about 3% of the general population that are ENTP, 4% of men and 2% of women. Some of the hobbies that ENTPs enjoy doing are sports, computers and video games, travelling, and continuing education. Famous ENTPs include Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Frankling, Leonardo da Vinci, and Conan O'Brien. Interesting facts about ENTPs are that they are the least likely to suffer heart disease and hyper tension, one of the most frequent violators of college alcohol policies, commonly found in careers for science, management, technology, and arts.


ENTPs at work are concerned with using innovative solutions to solve challenging problems. They usually take an entrepreneurial approach to work. They also prefer to have few limitations so they can use their ingenuity and creativity to solve problems. ENTPs are people that like to use their ideas and get bored quickly when they have to repeat something or attend to details. Some of the most common jobs for ENTPs are to be executives, stockbrokers, attorney, aerospace engineer, and politician. Some of the worst career options for ENTPs are to be a dentist, medical assistant, family physician, preschool/elementary teacher, and a receptionist. ENTPs usually enjoy having more power or being around people with more power so they can eventually start to gain more power. ENTPs are the most likely to be self-employed and will usually earn more than just having a normal job. ENTPs are not the best at working with other people because they get frustrated if other people start to fall behind and ENTPs enjoy being the expert and other people might not enjoy being around somebody who is like that.


ENTPs are lively communicators who speak in terms of the "big idea." They like to make connections with information they receive. ENTPs also enjoy innovative solutions and are excited about change but they won't hesitate to criticize other people for their ideas. ENTPs as parents are concerned with developing their children as independent thinkers. ENTPs are more interested in challenging their children intellectually and are more likely to let the other parent take care of the physical needs. ENTPs are most compatible with ENFPs, INTPs, and ENTJs. These types share the same values and general approach to life. ENTPs won't agree on everything but they are most likely going to get along because of the things they have in common

TAT, Rorschach Tests, Ruth Fry, Big 5 Personality Test, and Video

On the different personality tests that I have taken, I have gotten 2/10 on the Rorschach test, learned about different parts of my life on the Ruth Fry test, found out how stories can portray my personality on the TAT, and found out which Big 5 personality I was closest to.
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