Volume 3: December 14, 2015

Celebrating Computer Science Week

From interviewing computer forensic experts, to programming with Code.org, to dancing "The Iteration" dance - we had so much fun celebrating Computer Science last week! A big thank you to those teachers who allowed us to come in and teach coding lessons, and to those who opened their doors to our expert guest speakers. You inspired future computer scientists and our students thank you for it.

The Iteration Dance with Ms. Ackland's Class at Mariposa

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Professor Bachman with Processing.Org

He showed how students could begin creating games, such as Pong with processing.org.
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Ready to Put What They Learned into Action!

Country Hills hosted their First Hour of Code after-school on Friday. The students below learned about a free coding program called processing.org from Professor Bachman earlier that day, and were caught putting what they learned into action by after-school.
Processing.org First Program

The Learning Can Continue

The Computer Science fun does not have to end! Here is the link to the BOUSD Computer Science website which is continually being updated with new links, activities, and findings having to do with Computer Science: https://sites.google.com/a/bousd.us/brea-computer-science/home

Wishing you and yours a very lovely holiday break,

Jamie and Erin

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