Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


IMovie is a great app for turning your thoughts into a movie. It is great for adding music and special effects. There are many styles of movies you can choose from such as playful or super hero to make your movie more interesting. I though that this was a great app and I highly recommend it.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that that you can use to make projects for school, work, or even for fun. In this app you can record your voice and even have a pointer. You can either draw or type. There is a wide variety of backgrounds and over all this is a great app.

Haiku Deck

In this app there are a variety of pictures that you can use for backgrounds. It is good for displaying facts in a organized way. If you want to share your project with your friends it is very easy to share with them and only the people you want to see it can.

Learn To Type

Learn To Type is a great program for you to use to improve your typing skill. You can go back and fix your mistakes if you have to. There are different stages if you are a beginner or you are advanced in typing.


This program is great to help you figure out what you wan to do when you get older. It has a great variety of jobs and lots of interesting facts about them. You can take tests to see what traits you have and what you like to do and matches it with some jobs that it thinks you would like.


It is good to for making short little videos that later you can turn into a movie. You can choose from many different styles of trailers such as Scary, Retro, and Family. ITrailer is a good app that you can use anywhere. The trailer you pick has a setup for you right away so you know were to put all of your video clips.

Go Animate

In this program you don't have to talk because you just have to type what you want them to say and there is a wide variety of voices to choose from. You can choose from lots of backgrounds and people to choose from. If you want you can make them do different actions for your video. This was a great program.