Diagnosed with ADHD

By: Rikita Patangay

Are too many kids getting diagnosed with ADHD?

In my opinion I think way too many doctors are diagnosing there patients with ADHD when they do actually have ADHD. I think ADHD can sometimes get confused with people kind of attention and the child come to the doctor, and the doctors confuse that with an actual problem like ADHD. I know that ADHD is a real problem and some people actually have a serious problem and they have to take medications, but others don't really have to, they have to learn how to focus. You only take medication for a serious matter, not whenever you want, or think you need it.

Why is this important?

This is and important cause because it is real problem for a lot of kids and even some adults around the world. Doctors are giving medications to a lot children who don't actually have to take the medication, those children are getting used to taking those medications and since they take them everyday it will be hard to stop taking that medication. Children shouldn't be taking a medication they don't need, and then start getting addicted to taking it. Also, since they take it everyday, if they don't take it one day, they will experience problem's that day, like not being to focus even more than they weren't before. So, it actually hurts the child's health, and cause them to have more problems at school and at home.

Pros for Supporting this Cause

Some reasons you should support this cause is because it's a real problem that a lot kids are facing. If so many people our getting diagnosed with ADHD how will we tell the difference between someone who actually has ADHD, and someone who doesn't. Also, you would't want you kids getting addicted to a medication they dont need, you would't want any kids going through that. So that why u should Fight for this Cause.

Do Something About It

Your first step if you are the child " experiencing the symptoms" of ADHD is to MEDITATE, CALM DOWN, don't go to the doctor right away. Meditating is one of the best ways to get back into focus. On, http://www.howtogetfocused.com/chapters/8-things-everybody-ought-to-know-about-concentrating it shows you the science behind not being able to concentrate and what you should do to concentrate. If your the parent of the child, talk to your child about not being able to concentrate. If you still can't concentrate after doing everything that can possible done to help you, then you should go to the doctor.