ePortfolio Infographic

A Sampling of Carolyn's EdTech

Creative Mind meets Techy Geek

I am a creative person who loves learning and ed-tech. Most people who enter teaching envision themselves with children. When I was a teenager, I envisioned myself teaching adults.

I have taught in each level of education: PreK Special Education, Elementary, Middle, High School, and now Staff and Faculty, and have touched technology in almost every level. I have loved every experience.

Implementation of New Hardware and Software

  • Implemented iPads in districts to Special Education, General Education, Advanced Placement, and specific grade levels
  • New web based software for APPR for Marzano (iObservation) and Danielson (Teachscape)
  • Implemented new software in math and reading recovery and trained teachers to be administrators of the software
  • Student management software--PowerSchool & eSchool trainer

Handout Sample

Sample of a handout I created for Administration and
Board of Education members for use on their iPads

Last Little Bit About Me

I am a hard worker who takes pride in my work and enjoys being part of a team.