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Week of May 16 - 20

District Update

This is the information we received when we met with Dr. Muri last Thursday afternoon.

  • Discussion of budget constraints
  • Makeup for rain day
  • Contracts (you should have received your contract on Friday, the 13th
  • Icoaches will have new role. They will support the 12 campuses that are on the State of Texas Improvement Required and/or PEG lists by being 1/2 time in the class room and1/2 time coaches.
  • District Reorganization: This is the first of several restructures that will be done over the next several years. Doing the restructures over time is designed to help schools adjust to the changes gradually.

Vanu Rao - Technology (same)

Linda Buchman - Communications (same)

Karen Wilson - Finance (same)

Jennifer Blaine - Operations (no longer administration) and development of professional learning department (staff development) and talent development with Marianne Cribbin (Human Resources).

Chuck Brawner - Chief of Police - will report directly to superintendent and will still work closely with Blaine's departments

Elliott Witney - Research & Accountability, SKY partnership and Blended Learning; will work closely with Blaine and Rao.

Tyler Ream - Administration and Academics. Schools will be divided into 3 flexible "communities" based on various factors - not just economically disadvantages % and groups will change from time to time. 3 new supervisors for the schools will be selected to report to Tyler and these will be called Community Superintendents.

Rain Day Makeup (MWE)

You should have received an email from Human Resources about the rain day.

Teaching Assistants, Paraprofessionals, Food Service, Custodial: Please see Shirley for information. There is a form you will need to fill out.

Teachers: Please submit the information below as soon as you can (copy and paste, print out and give to Shirley). Activities that will count include staying for Curriculum Night, Carnival, evening programs, tutoring before and/or after school, before and/or after hour parent conferences, after hours interviewing, etc.. 7 hours of activities should cover the April 19th day. If you do not have 7 hours of activities, please see me asap.

I have already worked enough hours outside of my duty time to make-up for the missed day(s) of work.

Activities completed outside my duty hours:



Printed Name Signature

Class Creator

After a couple of months of negotiation, we were given permission to use Class Creator - which is the only software of its kind to create classes for elementary schools. MWE is the only school piloting this software right now - so, the company is not charging us anything.

I am in the process of loadings the students into the data base. Once I am finished, I will provide you with more information.

From what I understand, you will be receiving individual surveys about your students and that information can be loaded into the software.

Once that is done, I believe classes can be created within a matter of minutes.

Stay tuned for more info.