Your vote and engagement makes all the difference

Making the connections

Every dime that goes to public education, every standard in the curriculum, every textbook and resource, every rule and regulation that you follow was determined by an elected policy maker.

This November 3 we have opportunity to see many pro-education candidates elected to the Virginia Senate, Virginia House of Delegates, Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, and Chesterfield School Board.

The announcement of Dr. Newsome's retirement brings additional importance to the election of school board members. The board members will be deciding what new leadership will look like. It is important that board members are pro-student and pro-employee.

The CEA Fund for Children and Public Education have interviewed candidates and have made the following recommendations.

Virginia Senate 10 Dan Gecker

Virginia Senate 11 Wayne Powell

Virginia House 27 Marty Mooradian

Virginia House 62 Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Chesterfield Board of Supervisors Dale District Jim Holland

Chesterfield Board of Supervisors Midlothian District Sara Ward

Chesterfield School Board Matoaca District Bill Hastings

You can find more information on each of the candidates by visiting the CEA Facebook page.

Educators turning out to vote will be the most important part of winning these important races. Involvement, each educator reaching out to other educators, neighbors, and friends will make a huge difference.

Person to Person Contact Makes a Difference

Help support pro-education candidates that have pledged to do what is right for public schools.

Two more Teacher Tuesdays

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 4pm to Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 6pm

8013 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, VA, United States

Volunteers will meet at the Gecker campaign office at 8013 Buford Road, on Tuesday, October 20 and 27. Calls will be made from 4 PM until 8 PM. Arrive and leave when you wish, but try to work 2 hours. Please seize this chance to elect a needed friend of public education to the Senate of Virginia.

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DAY OF ACTION---Neighborhood Door Knocking

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 9am-6pm

Two staging locations are available. Select between Bon Air and Brandermill.

Work with a partner to remind folks to vote and share information about the CEA Fund recommended candidates. It's fun. It's easy.

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