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By: Jarrica Speidel

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The 50 Greatest Business Rivalries

This article explains how businesses have many rivalries. These rivalries can change the world, such as if we didn't have cell phones or the internet, life would be a little crazy. Thank MCI for breaking up AT&T or the revolution would of had a different turn out.

Powerful rivalries can make companies not see what is important in the situation. The number one rivalry, Pepsi and Coke, missed a whole new idea because they were competing wildly against each other. Since that happened, the best selling drink in convenience stores the energy drink, Red Bull, which isn't made by either of those companies. Another example would be when Ford and General Motors were competing, Toyota stole a big part of their profits.

From these experiences, what comes out strongly of all of this, is the human strength.

Monopolies are when a company owns mostly all of the market for one type of product or service. The can also be negative effects of a monopoly. Mostly this means, no competition. Coke was first developed and thirteen years later, Pepsi was developed. Coke had already a huge profit a head of Pepsi, so Pepsi went bankrupt many times. Pepsi didn't give up though. They changed their container and started advertising more of the drink and business started booming. Today Pepsi and Coke are still around and they have expanded to different brands. Both of these businesses had to do something to keep in business because they were rivalries. Coke was a monopoly, then Pepsi had the same idea. Usually, one of the two go out of business but this time both were successful.

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Making an all-time best selling product can change the industry and can make a business known for decades. Apple, who were the first to invent a touchscreen smartphone, made themselves in a new category. Before Star Wars, movies only had drama, comedy, or romance. In other instances, some products were just better than others. Some examples of those would be the Sony Playstation, or the drug, Lipitor.

The iPad remains as the world's best selling tablet, and the Playstation 4 is still over powering its competitor, Microsoft Xbox One.

Even those these products are successful, there are challenges to get there. After Lipitor's inventor lost patent protection, cheaper generic drugs became popular on the market. Star Wars could lose it's popularity because Walt Disney's Marvel growing franchise.

In my opinion I think this article has to do with demand. Demand is simply the need to buy goods or services. These companies or inventors that have made these products, have been successful by how the product works, how efficient the product is, and how much demand is for the product. For an example, iPad has been successful because people know how good the product is and how precise the price for the product is, therefore there is a greater demand for the iPad. Even though there have been rivalries with the iPad, the demand has always been greater for this product and that's why it's the fifth best selling product of all time.
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When you get laid off or have been laid off, look at it with a positive sign, giving yourself a new opportunity.

The first tip is don't rush into your job search. Unless you know where you want to work and what work you want to do, never rush finding a job. The less clear you are about where you want to be, the more likely you will be rushed to your technique, there is an increased factor that you will get rejected.

The second tip that is said here is evaluation your opinion creatively. Find out about areas that interest you by talking to your friends, researching, and find out what your values are. Exploring all of this can really help you with finding your next career.

The third tip is don't accept the first job offer you get. If you know what you want and you are good at it, there will be more offers. If you take the first offer you get without really thinking about it, you could regret it later.

The fourth tip is don't give into fear. If you let your fears control you, they can not let you be able to succeed and get the job that you desire. You can confront your fears not by ignoring then, but with support from others and yourself.

The final tip is to stay positive. Yes you will have bad feelings from losing your job, but don't dwell on them. Always keep your head up and if you're having trouble doing so, find a specialists or talk to people to help you to become confident or positive.

This article in my opinion, I think has to do with unemployment. Unemployment is when you are laid off from a job and are in search of a new one. This article talks about the steps you can do to get out of employment and in the future I will remember these steps if I ever get in this situation.

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Healthy Recipes: A guide to ingredient substitutions

Many people who want to go on diets, can't always follow the meal plan they are supposed to go by. Everything thing they want to eat has to be healthy and they know it is healthy. This articles talks about how you can substitute ingredients for healthier ones when baking and no one will every know! Just using these healthier options will lessen the amount of fat, salt, sugar, and calories as you make these healthier meals.

Instead of using butter or oil in baking goods, this guide says how applesauce works perfectly for a substitute. Flour, for another example, has whole wheat flour in place of it. For sugar, most recipes you can reduce sugar by at most one half and add more vanilla, cinnamon, or nutmeg for a sweeter taste.

This article in my opinion, has to do with substitutes. Substitutes are using a different product that benefits you better than another product would. In this case for example, butter is a product that is fattening and not the best for you. The healthier product is applesauce for butter. You benefit from the applesauce because it is healthier and tastes the same.

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When Will Oil Run Out?

Everyone knows oil is not a reusable source and doesn't have an everlasting supply. Another thing everyone realizes is that we've consumed a lot of oil from past years making oil somewhat scarce. This problem reflects on prices. For an example, a barrel of oil in 1998 would only cost about ten dollars. In 2007, one would cost sixty-four dollars and today it costs one hundred thirty-five! Prices for gas, shipping, aviation and road travel all rise because of this problem. Also the price of food such as wheat or rice increase because of the fuel for the transportation and harvesting of these foods. I think researchers and scientists need to be on the move to either preserve this short supply, or find an alternative for oil.

This article, in my opinion, has to do with shortage. A shortage is when a product is running out because everyone wants it, so the price of that product has to go up in order to try to preserve the product longer. In this case, oil is the product and the prices for oil and other products that are produced by the use of oil have to rise. This affects and devastates many.

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'Squishy squash': Students post yucky (and yummy) school lunches

Bad school lunches around the United States not only cause an upset stomach, but many more issues. This can cause obesity, not doing well in school, getting an eating disorder, and not having a very good attitude for the rest of the day. Since there has been issues, there have been some changes to school lunches in order to make them more healthy. Some students resulting from this can maybe lose weight, get better grades because they're not in the bathroom for the rest of the day or can focus, and even be more happy overall with their lives.

I think this article had to do with goods and services. I think this because a good is a product such as the food at school lunches in this article. The goods weren't good, so kids were having these problems whether they like the fatty food or not eating because of the fatty food. These were bad goods and these goods could be left over if the kids weren't eating. Once the food became more healthy, the goods would get more used up making a better profit for the school. A service is the process of making that good whether it's putting time into it, effort into it, or even energy into making it. The services that were being done in order to make the unhealthy foods would probably be very easy. I think this because everything would be frozen and all you'd have to do would be heating up the food. There are more services being done to make the goods that are healthy. Even though there are more services, the kids and the school are benefitting from these healthier lunches.
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The Benefits of a Wireless Network

Wireless internet is very popular at schools, homes, and businesses. Not having to use a lot of wires, not having to pay for installation, not having a high cost, and the ways it lets you use the internet are all benefits of having a wireless network. Less wires are better mobility and is more safe. With wireless network you can easily transfer files to other computers and even print off to a connected printer with no cord or anything. Anywhere in the area of the Wifi you have, you can make calls using the internet such as on Facebook, Skype, and other sites. With this wireless internet, you can basically use your computer as a phone.

I think this article has to do with positive externalities. A positive externality is when a third party in a situation benefits from the other two. Such as in this situation when you get wireless internet, you can have multiple items on that wifi. At home, when I am using the internet on my computer to do homework, and my phone is one the internet because I don't want to use my mobile data all up, my mom or dad can still access the internet on their own computer. The internet will also work just fine with three devices. Another situation would be when I have a friend over and they need to use the internet, they can. Another factor would be if I didn't have very good wifi, then my third party that would be trying to use it would be effected negatively (that would be a negative externality but in this article I'm talking about positive ones). Overall, I think having wireless internet is a good idea.

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Restaurant Jobs

There are many different positions in a restaurant in order to make it successful. The people that fill them have many different talents and skills. Typically in a restaurant, there are front of the house positions. Those jobs are filled with positive and upbeat people that know how to be polite around others. The people who work in the front of the house consists of bartenders, the manager, servers, hosts, bussers (clean tables), and barbacks (keep the place stocked with beverages and other things). Even though the back of the house workers don't always have contact with public, they still need to have good manners. Back of the house workers are the chefs, cooks, prep cooks, and the restaurant owner. It can also have the bookkeeper, and any maintenance people. These people all need to know their parts, such as the chef. The chef has to be experienced in the restaurant industry. They need to cook great food even if there is chaos going on right beside them.

I think this article has to do with Division of Labor. Division of Labor is when you have one major task to accomplish, but that task can be accomplished being divided into sections that each help to accomplish the task. Restaurants are great examples of Division of Labor. A restaurant is trying to be successful and wants people to come and eat at it. When all these different jobs in a restaurant come together and all do their part, it makes the restaurant successful.