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Once you join you can experience climbing up mountains and working up to the summit on Mount Everest! Experience the great view while drinking tea and eating good food. Doctors 24/7 if any problems occur, It may be a long climb and a tiring but you'll make it with being cheered on!

Impact on economy and people in Nepal

Nepal is among ranks in having the poorest country. The tourism and climbing mount Everest affects greatly due to the cost of climbing the mountain and tourism including traveling to Nepal. It is very vital income to Nepal, although it cost $30,000 most people pay $45,000 to scale. Most Sherpa's are most likely Nepalese and they get paid lots of money for being guides on Everest.


You can either tour mount Everest or it, it helps the country with you paying and it adds to the money the state has already.

Climate on everest

The climate of Everest is naturally cold and warm. In January the climate is -36° C and in July the climate is warm and a bit less from the actual cold temperature in January which is -19° C so bring the right materials in different weather temperatures.
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Preparation for climbing

For Everest you need to do a lot of things for climbing. Such as cardiovascular conditioning

which is running, swimming, bicycling and Proper stretching. You need mental strength when you cant do anything else and that is Visualization up the mountain. For training you need uphill hiking skills, walking, stair climbing and flexibility training. You also need cleats and food to carry on with the mountain.

Report On Peak Experience

Peak Experience. How could you not like it? I've had a great experience here with all the mountain climbing and all of the people I know here. The Sherpa's are very helpful and they know that they have to sacrifice themselves for the other climbers so you would know that they are kind and respectful. But be careful there is a risk, you can get sick and die from HAPE( High-altitude pulmonary edema a fluid that enters your lungs and might be fatal if untreated) that's my report for the day! Have fun signing up.

- Holly Angelo

The Climbers

Josh is a cagey person and he's pretty secretive with his work. He is busy 24/7 on the mountain and is an experienced mountain climber if he has his own company. He's pretty serious about this job as he gets paid for doing so. Peak the main character of this. His "dad" josh wants him to be the youngest climber to get on mount Everest he is 14 and his birthday is going to be here in a few weeks and if he doesn't make it up in time he wont be the youngest. Sunjo is the grandson of Zopa he is cagey and secretive like josh and he is pretty much the same age as Peak but he isn't trying to be the youngest to get to mount Everest. Zopa is mysterious and has different ways of telling the weather and bad things that are to come. He is wise and is very respectful to all of the other climbers, he is also a Sherpa so that explains part of his respect and kindness.