Australia Phase 2

Karina Reyes , Christopher Alvarez and Kevin Martinez

Australia's Land Use

Australia's Land use is mostly Agriculture, plantation forestry, and urban developments. All of this land uses affects the water in different ways that we don't even consider that will harming our water.By Australia having most of their land being an urban area this causes a lot of pollution and contamination that is created by humans that can affect the water in the area.

Australia's Water

How does land use affect the water?

In Australia they do a lot of forest cleaning for agricultural development that causes the result of the rising of groundwater.The rise of urbanization in Australia is causing a lot of contamination to it's water. This is all happening because the growth of Australia is growing rapidly which is causes more waste that is shipped to the ocean and is released there. More population means more trash which means the contamination of more rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

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We can all fix all this contamination to the water by just taking small steps. For instance if you recycle more and do not just trow everything into that trash you are helping clean the water in the ocean.By preventing the cutting down of tress you can help the underground water in the area.