Franke Updates

Mrs. Franke's Class - Room 15


I can't believe we are only a few short weeks away until Spring Break and the end of the 3rd quarter. We will be getting a student teacher, Chelsea Barker, from Concordia University after Spring Break. Ms. Barker will be with us for the rest of the school year. She will reach out to you once she starts to introduce herself. I am excited to have her, I know she will learn a lot in our room!


Reader's Workshop

We finished our book clubs last week. The students had great discussions and showed deeper level thinking! We will now be digging into different text structures. We will be comparing and contrasting these text structures to be able to think more deeply about events, ideas, information and concepts presented.

Writer's Workshop

The students compared and contrasted themselves to someone else in the class, they learned how to funnel through their topics and how to format their writing while expanding their thoughts. We will now be comparing and contrasting characters in our book club books.


This week, we will start converting US Customary units of measure. The students learned about metric conversions last week. It is always fun to see the students use their decimal knowledge in real world applications!


We have started studying the different body systems. The students will be coming together as specialty doctors this week and forming clinics. They will be researching their specialty system - making models and diagrams to teach the other members of their clinic about their body system. The clinics will then get "patients" and work together to help figure out their patients' problems.



The students need to have working headphones everyday at school.

Dry-Erase Markers

Many students are out of dry-erase markers, our classroom is also out of loaners for them.

Art and Music Field Trip

We will be going to the Harley Davidson Museum and First Stage Theatre on March 26th. Please send back signed permission slips and $6.00 by the 19th.