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September 23, 2019

Keeping you Informed

5forALL Focus

5forALL has not gone away and it is still a district initiative that we will focus on throughout the year. I will highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL each week.

5forALL Infographic

This week I would like to focus on Setting Up Lesson Tasks- Establishing Lesson Purpose- take time to not only let your students know the lesson objective or essential question but visually post it. This will help all learners connect to your lesson throughout the period. Very often students miss the content when we first give it or it takes more time for some to process. The visual will allow them to reconnect at any time during the lesson. Don't forget to check for understanding at the end of the lesson to see if your lesson objective was met.

The Den- A one-stop-shop for YLMS resources for staff.

Wednesday PLC- School Safety / Google Classroom Updates in Room 21@ 2:45pm

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Calendar for September

September 20-October 4- Step It Up, Fundraiser

September 27- End of First Quarter Progress Reporting Period

Have a Great Week!

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