Great Ways To Improve Your Memory !

strategies 4 students to remember what they learned in class

Ways To Improve Your Memory

Setting up an online calendar that sends reminders to your phone to keep track of all your meetings or appointments are very helpful . But what about the important information that you actually need into your long-term memory ? Here are some strategies that could help you :

11 Ways to Improve Your Memory

1. Focus your attention on the materials you are studying

2. Avoid cramming by establishing regular study sessions

3. Structure and organize the information you are studying

4. Utilize mnemonic devices to remember information

5. Elaborate and rehearse the information you are studying

6. Visualize concepts to improve memory and recall

7. Relate new information to things you already know

8. Teach new concepts to another person

9. Pay extra attention to difficult information

10. Vary your study routine

& the last and very important one is Get Some Sleep

By following these instructions , Guarantee to work