An exciting new level in the NEW compensation - achievable for ALL STYLIST. What do you think?

Whether you are a hobbiest Stylist, Leader, power seller or have been inactive for a while please check out the details below....

A new pay rank promotion called Associate Stylist is going to be launched in the new compensation. This can be achieved by:

* Selling £1,000 worth of jewellery in one calendar month (ie 1st August– 31st August). That’s just 1 great trunk shows, two good £500 trunk shows or three qualified trunk shows and a few outside orders.

* Recruiting someone and ensuring they Qualify (ie sell £600 or £416 in September when the new Qualification level is lowered).

* As a team (group sales) of just £2,500 (That’s £1,250 between two of you)

What do you get when you achieve it?

* The new title!

* Promote to Associate Stylist within 120 days of signing up get £500 product credits.

* You start to earn 5% of what your team sell (just imagine…if you have 4 people on your team and each sell £600 a month – you will earn an extra £120 a month for doing no extra trunk shows).

* You get MASSIVE recognition at HOOPLA in September for being amongst the first group.

* You get a special gift from me!

* You are half way to Senior Stylist followed by the sweet spot of Star Stylist! (where you can realistically earn about £2,000 a month working just 16-20 hrs a week).


The great news is that Stylists who achieve the above in July or August will automatically promote in September when the new compensation plan becomes active. Already hit this level? Please join the group and promote further by Hoopla.

IF YOU DECIDE YOU ARE "IN"....I promise some of my time and commit to you too. I will:

1. Do a 1:1 call with you and you will be invited to join a special Sub-group of mine.

2. Do a group booking blitz for my special sub group only.

3. Encourage you to pair up with a power boost partner within the group.

4. Set a challenge for you to sponsor 1 person in August.

5. Do a regular group call with you and the others to see where everyone is at.

Are you in?? Hope so! Let’s take your business to new heights!

Please let me know by Tuesday night whether you would like to be included. Here's to an exciting month ahead and an amazing pre-Christmas quarter (booking and sponsoring now will have a huge affect on your business).