Diary of a Freshman

How to survive Mrs. Allen's Class room

This Class is very fun

Mrs. Allen Will have a lot of fun with you in the year. We have some fun group projects. She also makes a tone of funny jokes. Don't let it be to much make sure you get your work done to.

Every week you will be doing projects.

You think i'm joking well you would be wrong. Before you even finish a one project she is giving you a new one. The first and second 9 weeks you will read and do projects so get use to it.

Independent reading

I did not like to read but this is a good thing to help you read more. You get to pick any book from the library. If you look hard enough there are a tone of good books in there. Even ask your frind for good books to read.

The Hunger games

I really did like this book. The only thing is Most people have read this book before. I like reading the book it is a great really interesting book. Thsi is most likely my favorite book i read iin her class this year.

The Monster

This book is a little boring. Its about a kid who helps older gang members rob a store. When in the store the guy working got shot. The whole book is about him in court and scared. I think it was a very boring book.