4C News

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Invention Convention

For those who participating, inventions should come to school tomorrow!


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ During the last week the kids have done a lot of work with angles. They are working on categorizing by angle measure. It’s important for them to recognize if it’s acute, right, obtuse, straight, or reflex before they begin to use a protractor. This week we’ll finish up and assess unit 5.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We finished up module three last week. I sent home the module assessment on Monday for the kids to share with you and make corrections. I received signed tests from less than half of the class. Last week we started Module 4. Module 4 is our study of geometry. So far we have talked about many vocabulary terms such as lines, rays, and angles. We talked about types of angles and how to use a half circle protractor to measure angles.


Colonial America ~ The kids have read about and taken notes on what Colonial schools were like! In addition, they've done a little research on roles of men and women during that time period.

Small Groups ~ All groups have spent time working with nonfiction text and the text features that come along with that genre. Please ask your child about them. I hope they tell you things like a table of contents, headings, photos, captions, graphs, diagrams, glossary and index!

Read Aloud ~ We are more than halfway through Matilda. The kids learned why Miss Honey lives such a simple life with no running water, no furniture, and no stove.

Ice Skating

As part of Fitness Fun Week, the kids will go ice skating on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. They'll leave the building at 11:20 and return at 12:40. If possible, kids should plan to wear long socks, bring their bike helmets, and wear hats and gloves!

Valentine's Day

On Friday, we'll have our Valentine's Day ice cream sundae party. Thanks in advance for signing up to donate goodies.