Northern Pintail


Northern pintails are long, slender ducks with long, narrow wings. The male northern pintails have a brown head with a white stripe on each side of the neck down to the belly. The females have a darker brown upper body with a gray head and lower body.


They nest in open areas near wetlands located in tundra habitats. Females typically nest on the ground in low area, often far from water, and lay an average of 8 eggs.


Northern pintails are one of the first ducks to migrate south in the fall and north in the spring. Over half of the there population in North America migrates through California. Using the Central Flyway winter in the Texas Panhandle and on the Gulf Coast of Texas and western Louisiana. Most of them using the Mississippi Flyway winter in Louisiana. Along coastal wintering grounds, pintails concentrate on shallow fresh areas.

Food Habbits

They mostly feed on the seeds and nutlets of moist-soil and aquatic plants. They also make extensive use of waste grain.

What's Most Fascinating!

What I think it most fascinating about the duck Northern Pintail is there looks. They are slim and long-necked with a blue beak. The male is easy to identify by his markings and long tail, but even the female can be recognized by her graceful, long-necked shape.