Bud ,Not Buddy

Mirella By:Christopher Paul Curtis


Bud wad 10 years old.Bud is a kid that lives in Flint,Michigan. When Bud was small his mom had died and his dad was missing . When Bud's mom was a life she had left Bud some flyers in a suitcase and that said information about him. Bud was traveling so he could find his dad.When Bud was traveling it looked like he had a journey because everywhere he would travel somebody would tell him where is his parent and they would want to stay with him. He would also tell his foster parents that they could hide the suitcase because he would always keep a suitcase with him.Bud also had a friend that was named Bug.

The Amoses treatment with Bud

The Amoses were mean to Bud because when Bud had told them to hold on the suitcase for him and to not look in it .When Bud was eating they went to go peek on Bud's suitcase.The Amoses had a son named Todd and that little Toddy was mean kid because he had treated Bud very rude. When Bud was sleeping Todd sticked a pencil on Bud nose and that was all the way to the R. When every buddy was sleeping in the Amoses house Bud sneaked out and graved his suitcase and had left the house. Bud was surprised of his self because he had escaped from the Amoses house.Bud came out the Amoses with a knife on his hand. When Bud escaped from the house he no food to eat.

Mostly the important people in the story

What I like about Bud,Not Buddy

What I like about Bud,Not Buddy is that Bud was almost having a journey of finding his dad and then when he knew some new people and then he found out that where he sleeps in his moms room, Miss Thomas gave Bud a frame and he will think that his mom will be looking at him all the time, he will pretend that his mom is reading him stories when he is sleeping