Anne's father

Who is Mr.Frank

Mr. Frank is a middle aged man who was the one that had the idea to go into hiding. He was the leader of the pack. He was able to help everyone with problems. He taught the kids maths and other school subjects. In the play, he said that Anne might be better than him at Algebra. Mr. Frank helped everyone keep faith and hope. He had the idea for the gifts on hannakuh. He always was saying that the war would end soon and they could go back to their normal lives.


The Hanukkah candles represent the eight days of Hanukkah. I chose this for Mr. Frank because he kept to his faith. He kept his family with him and they prayed before every meal. They would pray for their friends and hope they were ok. He made sure everyone gave thanks for what they had even though it wasn't much. He would read the bible to keep them thinking about how happy they should be.


Let's continue

A leader

A leader stands above the rest. This is exactly what Mr. Frank did. I choose a leader because he was the leader of the crew. He could fix any problems that came up. He made the rules and made sure everyone followed them. Mr. Frank taught the others what they would do. He made sure things were right. He was the one that would go downstairs when something happened. He showed great strength.

Keep faith in everything

Mr. Frank was able to keep him and his family with their religion. He would pray and so would the others. He knew it could get them killed. He would pray everyday and so would his family. They would celebrate Hanukkah. They would thank God for everything.

Be a leader not a follower

Mr. Frank didn't just give up. He rose up against it. He took his family into hiding. Everyone was looking to him for help. Everyone trusted him and looked up to him. He was able to lead the crew through the tuff time