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Leelah Alcorn

Recently a 17 year old girl named Leelah Alcorn (born Joshua Wood Alcorn) committed suicide because she was hated by her parents. Her friends accepted her and was very supportive. Her parents, upon Leelah coming out, took her out of school, deleted her social media accounts, and put her in conversion therapy. For those who don't know what conversion therapy is, it is a therapy that tries to make you not accept your gender identity, and tries to force you to act like the gender you were assigned at birth. She had enough of her hateful parents and "therapists" she had to see. On December 28th, she committed suicide and her suicide note was set to be post several hours later. Her death sparked an uproar in the LGBT community, causing petitions to be made to enact "Leelah's Law". "Leelah's Law" was a law to ban conversion therapy. Along with the petitions many members of the LGBT community blamed her death on her parents. When confronted about their acts, they used religion as their excuse. It was a true tragedy. If you have any suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide, please call 1 (800) 273-8255