The Year of the Hangman



The year of the hangman was written by Gary Blackwook.

Important Quotes from the text

"These men were not common ruffians, then; swords were carried only by gentlemen." This quote is saying that these men were not gentlemen such as himself. He seems to think of himself as a gentlemen, whose higher social status makes him better than others.

"Well, gentlemen, that's all the cash i have on me, I'm afraid.But I feel my fortunes are about to take a turn for the better." It is proven once again when he is judgeing the men who have captured him.

"By the time he had reached his home, he had worked out how he was going to repay the six pounds five he owed. His mother's stock of jewelry was so extensive, she wouldn't miss a particular necklace or brooch..." This quote shows he has no respect for his mother or her belongings

Main Conflict, Most important Point, Resolution

Main Conflict- The main conflict in the year of the hangman is an internal one in which cregtion the main character, is expected to be a proper young gentleman because of his high social class, and higher sense of intelelegince.

Most important Point- The most importnat point that this book made is that it makes you truly question the morals of war and peace. And also what an enemy really is.

Resolution- In resolution cregtion learns that he shouldn't trust one's first apperance because there is more than meets the human eye.

Great Details

The year of the hangman included many importnant details that made the plot of the story much more bearable and intresting. One detail in particular that made this story more enjoyable is how much time Gary Blackwood spent trying to describe Many of the characters that cregtion meets such as benejam Franklin like how it highlights benejamns intelegince as an person.

Important Refrences to Historical Events

The American War for Independence from Great Britain.

The fighting for independence in Florida and in New Oreleans.

Is This the book for you?

In all honesty if you are a young teen who is intrested in learning about the American Revolution, then this book is perfect for you. Why? Because if is told in 3rd person but it is centered around an young 15 year old boy named Cregtion. This is importnat because many books on the Revolution are told either by an adult o senior citizens.