Slaveory/ Indentured Servant

Reagan Humes


When you here a whip cracking you know it's a slave getting whipped. Imagine getting sold for money or stole from your family. Did you know that lndentured Servents got from place and took across the sea. Slaveory was in a lot of places. That slave and indentured Servents live and how they lived.

Slaveory in colonies

No!! Mom dad that is a family getting split apart. Slaves were sold in ocsons for money and they would work for them. There was about 120 slaves on one plantation. All slave work for 9 to10 hours a day. The trip to there pantaion was bad some slaves died because it wasn't clean. Slave that tried to escape would get punished. All I know that was a slaves daily life here comes indentured servant's.

Indentured Servents

There like slaves but the word for new lives and to see you new things. Most indentured servant's were young man and woman under a contract. Children kidnapped and turned into indentured servant's. More people in America indentured servant then free people. They work. It's time for a passage to the free world. Indentured servant worked on southern plantations picked and tender crops like slaves.they work for new chances and did it

Where was Slaveory and Indentured Servents

Have you ever wondered where indentured servents and slave and work and live this tells you all about that. Slaves in the 1700s for different skin slaves. Most was in Brazil and China. Slaves are mostly sold in Nigeria for money. indentured Servents were mostly in Virginia Maryland Maryland North Carolina South Carolina . Slave live in slave quarter and work on plantations. Finally you Siri heard Sason indentured servant's.


Och!!! It must hurt getting whipped on the whipping pool. Slaves were sold for money and stolen from homes. Imagine get stolen and going across the sea somewhere. Othertypes of skin people were treated badly. Types of skin people were treated badly that's the life of slaves and indentured servant's. Slaves and indentured servant but they made it through it.


Indentured servant-A person who signed and bought by indentures to work for another for a specified time especally in return for payment of travel expensen and miantenance

slaves-Someone who legally owned by another person.

slave trade-the activity or business of buying and selling slaves.


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