Science Camp (Grades K-5)

Science Camp @ Oakley Park Elementary

Science Camp with High Touch High Tech @ Oakley Park Elementary (Grades K-5)

Join Walled Lake Community Education and High Touch High Tech Science for one week of Summer Science Fun!

Camp #1 - The camp experiments will include: Exploring Jellyfish, Plants and Fission!

No Brains, No Bones© - Explore the world of jellyfish - the incredible, primitive creatures of the sea. Dive into jellyfish anatomy, create a boneless jelly, build a neuron, and take an (edible) look at human blood!

Smarty Plants© - Discover the amazing world of plants. Learn about photosynthesis

and germination. Have a hands-on look at roots, shoots and transportation inside a plant. Get all the “seedy” facts!

Gold Rush Day© - We’ll go on a gem hunt, where if you find it - it’s yours! We’ll compare crystals, make and break your own Geode, create gem jewelry and more!

Charge It Day© - Get energized as we make a spark, separate salt and pepper with static energy, enjoy static electricity races and more!

conFusion© - Discover the difference between fission and fusion. Explore the many ways these powerful energies are sustainable. Have fun as we discover a chain reaction, create your own molecular fusion and fission reactions. Get energized as we work with lasers and photons!

Camp #2 - The camp experiments will include: Gravity to Exploring Animals!

Extreme Scene© - Journey through the earth’s extreme environments. Have fun

as we learn about deserts and see how animals and plants adapt to these harsh climates. Explore the amazing survival of the cactus. Roll up your sleeves as we discover some slimy things!

Gravity Games© - Get ready for the games! Unlock the mysteries of this amazing force that affects us all. Learn about G-Forces, Centrifugal Force, and why the center of gravity is so important in building structures. Have fun building your own Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Icky Sticky Day© - It’s time - Icky Sticky time! Have fun as we make glow in the dark silly putty, slime and make colors explode!

Super Sun Day© - Catch some rays and learn all about the sun! Make a solar oven and discover the hidden energy in sunlight. Have fun as we become ultra-violet light detectives.

Plantimal Day© - Discover the amazing world of plants. Make a greenhouse, chia pet and more! Have fun learning about animals, plants and more!

Science Camp with High Touch High Tech Science @ Oakley Park Elementary

CLICK ON Class #SC18542 to register - Camp #1 *COMPLETE*

Monday-Friday, 7/9-7/13


Grades: K-5

Fee: $230

CLICK ON Class #SC18543 to register - Camp #2

Monday-Friday, 8/13-8/17


Grades: K-5

Fee: $230