All Hail The Potato Gods


Hello peasants. We are of the Wild Potato Clan, and we will tell you about our stuff. Instead of being named after food we could be named the Bear, Racoon, or Blind Savanna Clan. In Cherokee, we are named the Anigatagewi. We dress in potato skins and hunt wild potatoes. Our only predator is the elusive Rotten Wild Potato, which aside from being the most poisonous potato is also the only known man-eating potato. Our clan color is GREEN, and our tree is the birch tree because we hide in them while hunting wild potatoes. Our symbol is a wild potato.

The Next Potato Hunt

Monday, Sep. 16th 2013 at 7am

The Wild Potato Fields

Join us in our wild potato hunt. You life is not our problem. BYOS: Bring Your Own Spears. RSVP with the Potato Cheif.

The Peace Potato Cheiftan

Our peace potato cheiftan makes all of the best decisions. She's not practical. She hails the Potato Gods. Her favorite song is the Potato Song.

The Potato Song