The Great Roman Banquet

Come along to the event of the year 6M's GREAT ROMAN BANQUET

The biggest event of the year is awaiting your arrival! With food, battles, entertainment and much more!

Come along to the Emperors great banquet. Food will be provided and cooked by our glorious slaves. If food is disgusting or bad we will take care of that by beating our slaves or punishing them to death. Entertainment such as fights till death, gladiator battles and Chariot races! Also you get to meet the famous Emperor Barras. We also have a bravery competition. The winner gets to marry the Emperor's daughter. We would love for you to come and join in the Grand Banquet.

Roman Banquet

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 12:15pm

43 Chester Avenue

Dianella, WA

Be there on time so you don't miss any entertainment or food!

Whats Happening At This Event?

12:15 Food drinks entertainment

12:45 Gladiator Battles and Chariot Races

1:00 Bravery award

The Roman Club

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