Nord's Newsletter

October 19-23, 2015


On Friday, students finished Unit 1 in the Wonders Program! It focused on finding the main idea of a passage, using text evidence, understanding the sequence of the story, and using context clues to define a word. Students also took their post-test on asking and answering questions. From the 119 questions asked, students asked 57% thick questions, which was compared to the 18% on their pre-test. What exciting growth and plan to continue seeing it throughout the year!

Unit 2 Week 1 in the Wonders Program will focus on "Why is working together a good way to solve a problem?" We will be also looking the comprehension strategy of making predictions and comprehension skill of theme. The first two weeks we will be looking at similes and antonyms as the vocabulary skill.


Students will be recording their spelling list in their planners on Monday. The words this week have a long i and long u pattern. Test will be on Friday.


Friday was testing day. The students took Unit 2 test. I was pleased with how the students tested. A lot of number stories were on the test, not only did the students have to have the correct answer, but they had to explain their thinking too. The class average was 88%. Way to go 3rd graders!!!

The following will be covered in Unit 3 this week:
  • finding the rule of "What's my Rule?" tables
  • estimating and use partial-sums/column addition to solve problems

Since the students had two BIG assessments on Friday, I introduced the students to Reflex Math. Several students used this program in 2nd grade when it was being piloted. Webster has decided to purchase a building site package. A letter was sent home on Friday sharing the details about this math fact fluency program. The students were totally pumped to FINALLY begin. We will "try" to get on Reflex Math three times a week, like the program suggests. If your child has screen time at home, that would be wonderful. There is a FREE app that can be downloaded to allow students to play on an iPad or iPod.


Off to Simple Machines we go! Last week, we talked a lot about "What is work?" and about Push & Pull. To help explain these two concepts, the students did a couple of activities. They love inquiry activities. After doing an activity, the students learned in order for work to take place, something has to move when a force is acted on it. At first, the students thought as long as a person is "trying" to move something like the classroom wall, s/he was doing work. Quickly they discovered they weren't correct.
Then we had a little competition between myself and students. We both had a bowl of heavy whipping cream and timed ourselves to see who could whip their cream the fastest. I "happened" to have only one spoon, so students stirred their cream by a spoon but I had my handy mixture to whip it up. The students concluded that having machines in our daily life makes life easier and things get done faster. This week we'll talk more about the use of simple machines.
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Music Program

Weekly Schedule

Kindergarten Buddies

Every other "C" Day, we meet with our buddies. Last Monday, we spent some time with our friends and made a friend sandwich. The kids were so excited to work with friends and to learn more about them. I hope your child's buddy sandwich made it home safely. We will meet with our friends again the last week of the month.

Drake Visitor

Often in the year, our class will have practicum students or students that need to visit a classroom for only a day. Last week, a Drake student spent the whole afternoon with us. She had the opportunity working one-on-one with students, small groups and then read aloud a book on Push and Pull to the whole class. I also had her help the rest of science class too. It was great having an extra pair of hands for the afternoon.
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Monday: Guidance and Computers, additional PE

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art & Library

Friday: no special (PE) today, Mrs. Schutt is taking 4th graders to the Urbandale Pool
**Last day of Running Club**
* BINGO Night ~ 6:30 - 8:00