Make a Wish Foundation SMORE

Breanna Hodges

Reason to support Make A Wish Foundation

I chose the Make A Wish Foundation because my older cousin had Cystic Fibrosis before she passed away and they had gave her trips to go with select family members. They give children with terminal illness a trip of a live-time. Most kids chose the most simple places. When my cousin was alive, she went to Hawaii and so many things while there.
Make A Wish Foundation takes children with terminal illness and takes them on trips. When they smile, it puts a smile on the their faces. Some people who works at the foundation have a special connection to the kids.With this in mind ,this makes their job the best job in the world. They love helping putting smiles on kids how needs a smile. Their smiles just light up the world!
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The foundation was started in 1980. The age limit on granting a wish is the age of 18. Also the family does not have to pay any thing for the trip; the kids wish for some of the simplest things.
About 89% of doctors, nurses an health professionals say that a wish experience influence can improve a child's physical health.

99% of parents said that wish experience made their kids happier.

96% parents said the experience made their families stronger, too.

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