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Welcome to Week 19

  1. Important Announcement for Semester 2 & Submitting Grades
  2. Students & Staff of the Week!
  3. Coyote Calendar- Faculty Meeting on Thursday
  4. Assessment Info
  5. School News:$5 Birthday Song from Admin
  6. High School News: Howlabration!
  7. Middle School News: Howlabration!
  8. Actionable Items- Submit Student and Faculty Howlouts
  9. Coyote Resources-Request Resource Visits! Request use of SAC fund$.
  10. Parent Howler Hub & Coyote Voice

Important Announcement Regarding Semester 2

All students will receive a new schedule on the 1st day of second semester. Please follow these instructions:

  1. If you are a 1st period teacher, pick up student schedules in your mailbox to hand out to your 1st period class on the morning of January 8th.
  2. Students will be checking alphabetical lists posted throughout our campus for their last names to see where to go for 1st period.
  3. TAKE ACCURATE ATTENDANCE - Many schedules have changed due to semester classes, balancing, APEX, etc…All teachers need to ensure that their rosters in MyStudent match the students who physically come to your classroom (just because you had the kids in that period last semester does not mean that it is automatically the same 2nd semester).
  4. If a student is in your classroom that is not on your roster in MyStudent, then that means they are not in your class. Send them to Student Services.
  5. Take accurate attendance every period of the day…ensuring that every student in your room is on your class roster in MyStudent. If they are not…send them to Student Services.
  6. If a student IS ON YOUR ROSTER, but just doesn’t ‘like” their new schedule, please do not send them out of your class to see a counselor. Those students need to talk to a school counselor who will be sitting on the stage, during their lunchtime.
  7. Things you shouldn’t say to students who aren’t listed on your class roll:
    1. “Oh, just stay in here today and you can figure it out later,”
    2. “I have room in my class, so just stay here,”
    3. “You don’t need to follow that new schedule, just follow your old one.”
    4. Or for the student who is on your class roll, but doesn’t like their new schedule - “Go ahead and go find a counselor now…no need to wait until lunch time."
  8. Things you SHOULD say to students:
    1. “Oh, you are not on my list in MyStudent – head up to Student Services and they will connect you with a school counselor who can help you.”
    2. Or for the student who just isn’t happy with their schedule you should say, “you are on my roster, so stay with me today and go see a school counselor during your lunch up on the stage in the cafeteria."

Submitting Quarter 2 and Semester 1 Grades

Quarter 2 and Semester 1 Grades

Just as a reminder, the grade posting window for 2nd Quarter Report Cards will open on Friday, December 21, 2018. The window closes on Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 9 a.m.

Once you have submitted your grades, please run a “Posted Grade Verification” report (see below). This will show any Gradebook Grades and Posted Grades you submitted.

* Select the Grades menu

* Select Posted Grades Verification Report

* Select class/period from the upper drop-down

* Select the Marking Period(s) – (PR, Q, S or FY)

* Click Update

* To display Inactive Students, click box

* To display Conduct and Comments, click boxes

* To export, click the Excel icon

* To print, click Print at bottom of page, then the printer icon in the PDF ribbon

**The 1st Semester grade posting window will open on Monday, January 7, 2019 around 12 pm. PLEASEmake sure you post 2nd Quarter grades prior to posting 1st Semester grades. If you put in for a grade change request and it gets applied, you also need to update the Semester grade as well.

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Congratulations to our Coyote Staff of the Week

Kristen Chilcote

Wendy Nielsen

Alexa Vaccaro

Justin Pelliccia

Miranda Oller

Michele McNaull

Kandis Alfonso

Karla Girardi

Jennifer Jackson

April Heuss

John Sarnecki

Kim Rossman

Margaret Peacock

Christen Deshotels

Justine Hoch

Jessica Lucas

Jen Oyer

Stephanie Walls

Margaret Flood

Alex Ng

Sue Sellers

Melanie Riggle

Tanisha Collins

Arielle Getz

Erin Fielding

Garret Gibson

Congratulations to our Coyote Students of the Week

Tatiana Munoz

Cristina Carulli

Brian Roof

Rya Quam

Mackenzie Adams

Christyn Trappey

Andrea Rodezno

Ethan Petry

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Coyote Calendar

Week 19: January 7- January 13

Monday January 7

Teacher Planning Day - No Students

1pm- MS Student Services Meeting in 1-120

2pm- Make Up Crisis Training for NEW employees in Cafe

6pm- HS Boy's Basketball vs River Ridge @ HOME

Tuesday January 8

2pm- After School Detention in 3-224

2pm- Tutoring After School in Media

2:30-4:30pm- MS Boy's Basketball Tryouts

2:30-4:30pm- MS Girl's Soccer Tryouts

6pm- HS Girl's Basketball @ Clearwater Central Catholic

Wednesday January 9

7:30 – 8am 6th grade registration presentation in the gym

8:30 – 9am- 7th grade registration presentation in the gym

9:30 – 10am- 8th grade registration presentations in the gym

2pm- New Teacher Meeting

2pm- Class of 2020 Meetings in 4-225

2:30-4:30pm- MS Boy's Basketball Tryouts

2:30-4:30pm- MS Girl's Soccer Tryouts

6pm- PTSA Board Meeting in Media

6pm- HS Boy's Soccer @ Pasco High

6pm- HS Boy's Basketball vs Z-Hills @ HOME

7pm- HS Girl's Soccer @ Tampa Prep

Thursday January 10

Grades are DUE

7:30 – 8am- 11th grade registration presentation in the gym

8:30 – 9am- 10th grade registration presentation in the gym

9:30 – 10am- 9th grade registration presentation in the gym

2pm- After School Detention 3-224

2pm- Faculty Meeting in Cafe

2:30-4:30pm- MS Boy's Basketball Tryouts

2:30-4:30pm- MS Girl's Soccer Tryouts

6pm- HS Boy's Soccer vs Brooks Debartolo @ HOME

6pm- HS Girl's Basketball @ Wiregrass Ranch

Friday January 11


2pm-5pm- Odyssey of the Mind Meeting 3-107

2pm- SLT Leadership Meeting in 3-102

6pm- HS Girl's Soccer vs Tampa Catholic at HOME

7pm- HS Boy's Soccer @ Clearwater Central Catholic

Saturday January 12

10:30am- HS Boy's Basketball @ IMG GREY

Assessment Info

Semester Exams Information

We did it!!!!

Semester Exams have concluded! Our testing week went extremely well in large part to the efforts of all our staff. Everyone deserves a huge round of applause! Monsoons can't even stop us!

Got a suggestion for improvement or did you like how testing went? Share your thoughts with your PLC lead. We're already looking ahead to the Final Exam schedule (yes, already) for May.

Shout Out to Mrs. Dallaire

Our very own Coyote staff member, Mrs. Dallaire, discovered an error on the Chem 1 Honors Quarterly Check question #7. Her keen eye realized the error that the entire district was testing on and reported out immediately. That question will be corrected for all future QCs. Nice job, Mrs. Dallaire!

Coyote Core Rotations are frozen until January 14th

CORE rotations are frozen and students will remain in their current CORE class until January 14th

$5 Birthday Song from Admin

  • Great news beginning January 8th through the end of the year we are offering a birthday song and treat from the admin team! See the order form and poster for details.
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Aspiring Leaders Registration

We are excited to announce the opening of registration for LEAD, Pasco County Schools’ professional development program for aspiring leaders. LEAD is a 6- night program focused on maximizing leadership potential by enhancing skills, knowledge and experiences. It is open to both instructional and non-instructional aspiring leaders of all levels.

  • Access the LEAD flier here
  • Find out more detailed information and/ or register here

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Action Required: Submit your Howlabration Nominations

Hello PLC Facilitators and Elective Teachers,

As Semester 1 is coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to celebrating our students for a job well done! Our Semester 1 Howlabration will be January 17 in the gym. A Middle School ceremony will be held at 7:45 am, followed by a high school ceremony at 9:30 am. At the ceremony, we will recognize students on Straight A and A/B Honor Roll for Semester 1, our Students of the Week, PBIS Awards, and FSA/EOC Perfect Score Awards.

In addition, we will also recognize Outstanding Students in each Subject Area. Each subject area will choose 1 student per grade for their subject area award.

Here is what we need from you:

1. At your next PLC meeting, discuss as a group the students you would like to receive your subject area awards (1 student per grade, 6-12).

2. You will also need to determine who will be the presenter for your middle school awards and your high school awards. We will provide sub coverage for one person in your department to come to the middle school ceremony to present 6-8 awards, and one person in your department to come to the high school ceremony to present 9-12 awards. (Please keep in mind that presenters will only be able to attend the ceremony to present the awards, as we will not have enough sub coverage for each presenter to attend the entire ceremony.)

3. Please write a 3-sentence description of each student who is getting the award and why they have been choosen.

4. Submit this information via this Mach form by Wednesday, December 19:

*Outstanding Students are selected at the discretion of each department. You may choose students based on any criteria you feel is appropriate: academics, behavior, modeling HOWL, most improved, or a combination.

Please let me know if your subject area has been inadvertently left off this drop-down list on the Mach Form.


Please click on the link below to review the updated Duty Schedule for next semester. The Duty Schedule will begin on January 8, 2019. Please see where your location is and stop by one morning or afternoon before we leave for break to see what you will need to do. The duty description and duty map are attached and also located on Sharepoint.

Click here for duty maps

Assessment News

Schoolwide News

Nominate an Outstanding Guest Teacher!

Earlier this week you received an email from Kimberly Newberry about Guest Teacher Nominations. You will need administration approval if you have an outstanding Guest Teacher and/or Professional Guest Teacher that you would like to nominate. Please seek approval prior to completing the Machform sent in her email. Also, please note submissions are due by December 14, 2018.

High School News

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Middle School News

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Actionable Items

Submit a Faculty or Student Howlout!

Faculty Howlouts will drive our selections for Staff Member of the Week. Each week we will announce all of our HS and MS Coyote staff members of the week! These staff members will have their names announced on the intercom on Friday. At the end of the quarter the Staff Members of the Week will be invited to a special luncheon in their honor! We look forward to receiving numerous staff shout outs so we have many to select from each week!”

Student Howlouts: At the end of the week these students will be invited down to the flag pole in the center of the courtyard where we will have a Coyote Flag to be raised on Friday. These students will get the honor of raising the flag each Friday, and will have their names announced on the intercom! At the end of the quarter we will have a breakfast for all of our Students of the Week and their parents.

Faculty- Click here to submit

Student- Click here to submit

Coyote Resources

Resources Available to you!

Classroom visit- Behavior Specialist Request

Learning Design Coach Meeting with Mrs. Manning

Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles Classroom Visit

SAC Funds: If you would like to request funding for an initiative in your classroom or a school-based activity, please complete the following Mach Form: SAC Funds Request Form

Student Services

Are you concerned about a student? Behavior, Academics, or Attendance

Refer them to the Students Services Team!!

Click here to refer them!

Parent Howler Hub

Here is this weeks Parent Howler Hub! This is sent out via remind on Sunday Night!

If you ever want to submit anything to go in the Howler please use this request link!

It is also in the Requests Section of Sharepoint. It gives you a "fatal error" but it goes through.