Sped Update

New Year Edition, Week of January 4th 2016

WELCOME Back to the grind... I hope your vacation was spent resting, dreaming, loving, eating, and spending time with all the people you love.

LRE Team Meetings, Monday August 11th

Like prior years, we are going to have brief 20-30 minute sit downs with the admin team and myself to engage in conversation together about your case loads LRE's for next year.

I am hoping these meetings will:

  • Keep us organized
  • Give all of the admin team a chance to engage in conversation about all 220 of our students
  • Give us an outlet to discuss and brainstorm together.
  • Ensure we have a big picture of the needs of our special education students
  • Save time in the long run

I will be there the entire time (along with Phil, Michael, and Nicole) I'll take notes, edit the prediction sheet and my other scheduling docs as we go. Schedule to follow, asap.

Meeting will run in the style of previous meetings: a sub will come to your classroom and relieve you until you are complete. We will try to keep to the schedule as best as possible.

Please come to the meeting with an open mind and ready to discuss the needs of students on your caseload, this meeting should also serve as the "rough draft" to the second set of LRE predictions due in January. Prepare by updating the Prediction Sheet (highlighting changes made in red). Prediction Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11V19_-2vZ0rLcYAF_DPa6nTeRUnktR30WW6P59LfT4A/edit#gid=0

Making Changes to the Prediction Sheet Prior to next Monday (January 11th)

Make adjustments within the prediction sheet to prepare for the LRE meetings as necessary. Please:

  • Check to make sure errors were not made

  • Consider that we are giving students the necessary services, in the least restrictive environment. Looking specifically at upperclassman and challenging those students as necessary to "fly solo" more often if they will benefit from this.

*When making changes please mark in red and add date next to the change made (someone started doing this and I love it :)

**Hopefully some of our conversations during the meeting will eliminate some of the work surrounding this


Review LRE Timeline, Course Choices, and Descriptions of Self Contained Here: this info to learn more regarding any Self Contained Program

Anticipating any students on your case management graduating??

Please take a second and note if your students are on track to graduate, make comments as needed. Please add any students that I may have missed.

Use this doc:


Please have this completed for the week of exams.

Supply Request: Request it NOW!!!

There is not much time to notify me of any of your supply needs. Supplies, books, department needs, subscriptions, electronic requests... I'll see what I can do. :)

Save the Date: Deparment Meeting

Wednesday January 27th

Go check out some awesome things happening in Classrooms AND/OR Inspire Others with your Awesomeness...

Grading Reminder for teachers in Collabs

As the special educator and manager of your student's IEP progress, you have the ability to modify all course work (as aligned to their IEP needs) and give students grades based on those modifications. You are able to be the advocate and give the students their grades based on your professional judgement. If you are feeling that this is not happening, please let me know and I can try to assist you.

ESY Referrals: Timelines will be coming out very soon.

Now is the perfect time to begin to gather:

  • evidence of skill regression from pre-vacation and post-vacation periods, along with extended weekends, etc.
  • comparative work samples, graded IEP quarterly reports, results of Running Records/Dolch Lists, math wizard, math tasks and summative data for elementary students, and reading information and math
  • Note in Prediction sheet, 2016 graduation sheet, or keep a running list of students you may be recommending.

Teaching Preferences

A new year brings lots of planning for the year ahead. ...this includes your teaching preferences for the classes you teach. Start to be thinking about your preferences. Feel free to shoot me an email. I will be setting a more specific deadline in the near future.

Resolutions: I Promise | Spoken Word Poem by Natalie Patterson
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