Graham Ingram 5


The character Sodapop looks like he is to cool for school. He is a greaser so he uses lots of hairspray. Now of days if you use a lot of hairspray it makes you look dirty. He looks like he has lots of girls that like him. Can get him self out of trouble fast.
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He is good looking. Not the hardest worker. Likes girls. He just doesn't like doing hard work unless his gang is in trouble.

Job and hobbies

He works at a gas station. He gets all of the girls at the gas station. They think he is cute because he works with cars.

Relationship with the Greasers

He is the second oldest brother, He is 16 years old. Their parents died so his two brothers and him went into a gang with people they know. They always have each others back in a fight.

Prized possessions

His gang is his prized possessions. They are family.