By: Shelbi Mills

Periodic Table Information

  • Located in the Lanthanide series
  • Lower part of the periodic table
  • Atomic number= 63
  • Atomic mass=151.964
  • Protons= 63
  • Neutrons= 89
  • Electrons= 63
  • Symbols- Eu

Details about Europium

  • Found in ores monazite sand and bastn site
  • Used as a red phosphor in television sets and advocator for yttrium- based phosphors
  • Characteristics are: soft, ductile, silvery- white metal, and most reactive of the rare Earth metals


  • Discovered in 1896
  • Discovered by Eugene- Antole Demarcay

Interesting Facts

  • Named after Europe
  • Europium is also found in the sun and stars
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