History of the Philadelphia Eagles

By Jeffrey Hill

When did the Philadelphia Eagles join the NFL

They joined the NFL in 1933 but had a little success until the early 1940’s

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How many Super Bowl’s did the Philadelphia Eagles go to

The Eagles haven’t won a super bowl but they been to 3 super bowls and lost them both against the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, and the Carolina Panthers

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What coaches did they have

They have had 5 coaches there coaches were Rodney Peete, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, Charlie Garner, and right now Chip Kelly

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How championships did they win

They have 3 Championships in 1947, 1948,and 1949. The Stars of those games QB Tommy Thompson, RB Steve Van Buren, and DL Alex Wojciechowicz
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How old is the team

The team is about 56 years old
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