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SPARKecademy is your tool for completing and tracking onsite and online SPARK professional development! It provides an innovative menu of online courses for K-12 Physical Educators. Users can track their PD hours earned from all sources – even conference presentations - via a free mobile app. Graduate units of credit? YES! Talk to a SPARK rep for more details!

You can check out all the amazing professional development opportunities SPARkecademy has to offer below; Workshop trainings, webinars, webcasts and more!

Welcome to SPARKecademy

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Training Workshop Video Sample

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No longer do you have to pay to travel to workshops to The training workshop videos allow for you to earn PDU credits for each training video you watch. SPARK has offered....

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SPARK is proud to add in our first webcast series. These 1 hour webcasts allow you to earn 1 PDU credit. Topics will very from trainer roundtable discussions, to SPARK presentations, to app reviews, we will have it all. We would love to know what our SPARK community wants to know more about! Find on of our representatives at our booth to let us know!

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The 3rd Wednesday (the 3rd day of the week) at 3pm Pacific (SPARK Principle of 3's!) SPARK hosts a FREE webinar! Whether you are a seasoned SPARK Star, just learning about the program, or have an interest in the month's timely topic, this webinar series is for you.

Click here to view the most recent webinar and register for the next!

Common Core and YOU Making Connections
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